Antique Ice Boxes – So Beautiful

Antique Ice Boxes – So Beautiful

Looking to add a stylish piece of history to your home?

An antique ice box is a piece of history and the testament to our ability to adapt and survive. While the vintage ice box is being outperformed by refrigerators today, modern electric refrigerators cannot offer the nostalgia and grace that an antique wooden ice box brings to the table.

The amazing history of the Antique Ice box

It's amazing to see the different varieties that were developed over the years. Before they were invented and improved upon, man figured out that ice harvesting was key to improving their methods of food storage. Instead of being constantly in need of finding packed areas or frozen lakes, man started learning how to preserve the ice over longer periods of time.

Ice that Antique Ice Boxwas possibly harvested in winter, was to be stored in ice houses. But not everyone lived in these snow packed areas. And without the cold winter from snow packed areas, it was hard to keep the ice from melting. Melted ice and ice water are no good for refrigeration. A solution was needed to preserve the ice, which in turn would preserve the food.

Mans incredible ingenuity improved the ice house, making it smaller and more versatile. Instead of needing an entire out-building for refrigeration, the vintage ice box was invented. Something smalller that could fit inside every home. Allowing every one to keep food longer, lessening waste.

Today, an antique ice chest isn’t necessarily used for cooling food. Rather, antique ice box manufacturers offer their products as a means to decorate rooms with a stylish, functional storage option. Different antique ice box brands offer various builds with different materials and styles, making them versatile options for any home.

And it isn't hard to find one of these vintage ice box refrigerators, or say, a white clad ice box, that will actually hold in the cold air. Many of these old ice boxes still work fantastically. Some models can take a large block of ice, and keep your drinks or other items cold for a very ling time. Making them excellent conversation pieces for your next party.

Antique Ice BoxesAround other areas of the home they really shine as display pieces. Often used in kitchens, dining rooms or pantry areas. They just make beautiful display pieces. And don't forget the office! Office decoration is often comprised of beautiful thoughtful pieces that stand out. Meant to impress anyone visiting for business. If you are offering your clients a cold drink, pulling them out of a vintage ice box might be a nice conversation starter.

You may just have one of these little ice houses in your garage or storage shed. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Ranging from the popular white clad ice box to the beautiful wooden ice boxes, Thanks to the internet and places like eBay, you can even get parts for them if they are in need of a little repair. It is a great place to find the ice box hardware, pan or holding tanks that are lined with tin or zinc. Catch pan or holding pans are often easily replaceable parts.

If you didn't magically find one in your garage or storage, eBay is an excellent place to find an ice box for sale.

All in all, these are beautiful, often functional pieces of history that you can find. Antique furniture and decoration is a common practice. The ice box stands out a little by offering a practical use. An old world design, for a very common need. Keeping your drinks cold!

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